Common Snakes in South Carolina

The warm climate of South Carolina makes it an ideal habitat for different types of reptiles such as snakes to live. Different type of snakes will be active all year round. The encounter with the snake will often leave you wondering if they pose a threat to your safety. Fortunately, not all of them will carry venom. In fact, only a small number of South Carolina snake will be venomous, and the rest will be harmless.

Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes in South Carolina

While encounter with the snakes are rare, meeting them can still be frightening to some. Luckily snakes will only be limiting their activities during the early morning hours and late evening period. This makes it unusual to encounter a snake on the move.

Venomous Snakes

South Carolina is the home of about 38 species of snakes. None of these snakes will show signs of aggression especially towards human. Most venomous snakes in this state can be found in the Lowcountry.

  1. Copperhead- This snake will differ in coloration from pink shade to tan. They can reach a maximum length of about 4ft. However, the average size of an adult copperhead is around 2-3ft. The head of this snake will have a uniform copper color. They may look like a young rat snake that are non-venomous snake. However, the copperhead will have an arrow-shaped head while the rat snake will have a narrow head.
  2. Coral Snake-This venomous snake will have an average 2ft length. They are known for their black, red, and yellow bands that cover their entire body. Coral snakes will spend most of their time inside the burrow; therefore, encounter with them is not likely.
  3. Cottonmouth-Cottonmouth also known as water moccasin lives in swamps and wetlands. They can grow at about 3-4ft. Nonetheless, the biggest cottonmouth ever recorded would be about 5ft. Unlike the other venomous snake, this will show signs of aggression. They will stand their ground in case there is something that threatens them.
Non-Venomous Snakes

Proper identification of non-venomous snakes will prevent unnecessary killing. This way, you will be able to experience the different benefits that these harmless snakes can offer.

  1. Kingsnakes- Having a kingsnake in your yard will drive away different snakes in your yard even the venomous ones. They will kill the snakes such as cottonmouth, rattlesnakes, and copperhead by constricting them. They will live in the wetland areas, pastures, and pine forest.
  2. Rat snakes- Rat snakes can be found in various region of the country. They may have a yellow and green color that highlights black stripes that run all over its body. While they may be non-venomous, they may still bite you if you handle them inappropriately.
  3. Corn Snakes- They are colorful creatures that shares the same behavior with the rat snake. They will kill their prey through constriction.
It is possible for you to encounter a snake while you are on a hiking adventure, crossing the street, or tending the garden in your yard. It is important to remain calm when you see one and call the help of the experts.

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